The Sidi Mbarek’s falls

30 minutes from Essaouira, by car there is a local waterfall in a dry environment, but you have to discover it. This hike will allow you to discover a rich and unique landscape variety. We cross an argan field rich in pebbles and sand; a beautiful dunes then welcomes us to find a beautiful wild beach still protected that allows us to listen to the calm and meditate under the harmony of the waves. The local “Niagara Falls” are well hidden between dunes and cliffs. It really is a fabulous contrast between greenery and the sand that is moving forward and that gives an image of a local oasis. To better appreciate the ride, we invite you to enjoy a mint tea at a family Berber. Once the batteries are well charged, the adventure continues between the terraced fields and Oued Aghbalo to arrive on a panoramic plateau where the car is waiting for us to return.

The Argan forest

The argan tree is a providential and endemic tree that symbolizes all the forest wealth of the province of Essaouira. The hike will take place in the middle of argan trees between fields of barley and walls of limestone. First we will make you discover the argan tree, we will then take you to see a temple of a Marabout and Saadian remains dating back to the 16th century. The tea break is well deserved in a Berber family (after the effort, the comfort). To better understand the great role of the argan tree in the economy and the development of the mentality and breast education of local families, we invite you to visit a women’s argan oil extraction cooperative.

Between dunes and Oued

Going south towards Essaouira you will discover the ancient village of Hippies and the ruins of an old castle of the Sultan; crossing a forest of green dunes we arrive on a wild beach where Castle In The Sand is located with beautiful dunes carved by the charming wind called the Alizé.

Ain Lahjer’s Oasis

A 30-minute drive north of the city of Essaouira through the forest of Thuyas is the village called Ain Lahjer.
To better understand the translation of this name, we invite you to this little trip in the country CHYADMA (Arab tribes located north, north east of Essaouira) which will allow you to discover the oldest and largest argan tree in a market garden and rich in olive trees.
You will have the opportunity to discover the stone wheels that were used to crush the olives and to finish the visit a tea break at an old potter will be well appreciated.

Bird watching

To better enjoy the songs of birds in the countryside, we offer this beautiful walk around the city and in the wetlands of Essaouira. Depending on the season, you can see different birds, either migrants or locals. The guide will take pictures of the birds during the walk to better identify them and also to share this memory with you.

Geological hike

To travel more in time, you have to study local geology and to better understand it, you have to travel “. We propose you this thematic exit that links the geological past and the current, which will allow you to discover and understand the different geological phenomena of the region. By looking at the landscape and analyzing the rocks one can study the different sedimentary formations of the region. The guide with his knowledge and training in geology, will guide you in interesting sites, rich and varied. Between sedimentology, paleontology, hydrogeology and tectonics, really rich and varied sets that will allow you to discover the region differently.