Geological hike



To travel more in time, you have to study local geology and to better understand it, you have to travel “. We propose you this thematic exit that links the geological past and the current, which will allow you to discover and understand the different geological phenomena of the region. By looking at the landscape and analyzing the rocks one can study the different sedimentary formations of the region. The guide with his knowledge and training in geology, will guide you in interesting sites, rich and varied. Between sedimentology, paleontology, hydrogeology and tectonics, really rich and varied sets that will allow you to discover the region differently.

* Departure : 9 hours

* Duration: from 2 to 3 hours

* 30 minutes by car

* Altitude : None

* Age: any age

* Provide water, a hat, sunscreen and walking shoes

* Return: around 1.30 pm