A Day of Food & Argan



Experience Essaouira’s food, markets and produce.

We begin the day by exploring the local markets for the freshest ingredients, typical of a Moroccan meal. Take the sights, smells and sounds of our bustling markets up close!

Then, we take a walk in the countryside to visit the home of an accomplished cook, learn about traditional cuisine and cook lunch with our host!

After lunch, we take a small excursion into the surrounding hills and explore the produce of the region, especially the famous argan. Of course, we follow that with a short ride to the women’s cooperative that harvests the argan oil and many amazing products from it. The ladies will share with you how the oil and produce, and you’ll have time to explore all the products that you might be tempted to take home and indulge yourself!

* Departure at 9am from Essaouira.

* Feasible : Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday and Sunday.

* For all ages.

* Provide walking shoes and water.

* Arrival around 4: 30pm  in Essaouira.