The Thuya Forest



The Thuya is a green forest belt that surround Essaouira, a National Heritage, with an incredibly rich mix of argan, cedar, juniper, mimosa and wild life! We take a short drive from the city, where we will take a easy walk to discover these forests in detail. You’ll learn about the life history of the forest and its trees, its care and maintenance by the local Berber shepherds.

We’ll take a lunch picnic in the forest while spotting the local bird and wildlife. After, We cap the day with a relaxing walk on our deserted beach, with the birdlife and the Alizes, the local wind, in our back, a memorable end to our day!

* Departure at 9am from Essaouira.

* 60 m of elevation gain.

* All ages.

* Provide walking shoes and water.

* Arrival around 3: 30pm in Essaouira