You will have the chance to discover the largest salt mine in the region and then a local waterfall in a dry environment, which is named after a local marabout.

This hike will allow you to discover a rich and unique landscape variety. We cross a field of argan trees rich in pebbles and sand; a beautiful dune then welcomes us to find a very beautiful wild beach still protected which allows us to listen to the calm and meditate under the harmony of the waves. The local “Niagara Falls” are well hidden between dunes and cliffs. It really is a fabulous contrast between greenery and the advancing sand that gives the image of a local oasis. To better appreciate the ride, we invite you to taste a good tagine with a Berber family.

Once the batteries are fully charged, the adventure continues between the terraced fields and Oued Aghbalo to arrive on a panoramic plateau where the car is waiting for us to return.

* Departure at 8:30am from Essaouira.

* 100 m of elevation gain.

* Between 8 and 66 years old.

* Provide walking shoes and water.

* Arrival around 4: 30 pm in Essaouira