Berber Food & Life



We invite you to take a day to explore Berber food, from production to its delicious eating!
We start the day in Essaouira, with a visit to the lively and extensive local markets. Here you will discover the range, sources and preparation of Berber foods, a wildly extensive and colourful experience in sight, aroma and taste! We’ll bring to life the stories of Berber food and its connection to local traditions, values and life Berber style. Then, we move beyond the food to the amazing range of arts, music, crafts and wares produced in the region. We show you the inside track on the best craftsmen and wares. And oh, by the way, most visitors find it better value and more relaxing to shop here than in Marrakech!
For lunch, we invite you to a Berber family home for lunch and tea, a unique home experience, where you’ll get to see and connect with how a typical Berber family lives today.  

After the markets, we travel out of Essaouira to experience our iconic argan, from the groves where they grow to the cooperatives where their richness is revealed. We’ll give you intimate and in-depth look at it all! And it comes with tree-climbing goats & a taste of argan, and shopping genuine argan products direct from our recommended local cooperatives, all run by local women.

* Departure at 9am from Essaouira.

* 0 m of elevation gain.

* Provide walking shoes and water.

* For all ages.

* Arrival around 4pm in Essaouira

* feasible all the week except Monday and Friday.